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Little Girls
06/15/06 - kids, black and white, people watching

So I'm trying to catch up on photos, I'm so very behind and I have so much to share. Currently I'm in Western NY with my family for my sisters bridal shower and my cousin's wedding. Hopefully I will get more photos out once a week from now on. I will try!!!

These photos are of the sweet little girls I got to visit on our Montreal/NYC trip. The younger is Evan and Maj's little girl Amita who lives in Montreal; The 3 year old in Suzie and Steev's little sweetie Anastasia who lives in New Jersey (near NYC). Both are adorable! Oh yeah, and Anastasia has a little brother or sister on the way!!

Oh and on top of all of this, Keith and Kerah just had a little girl today!! I can't see her till I get back, but I'm sure photos of Tatum will follow!!

Final note: I have take down comments on here, the spam just got to be too much to handle. If you do want to comment on anything, feel free to email me or some of the photographs show up in flickr
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