Neon Churchs

My current focus project is to track down and photograph many of the churchs that use neon in their signage. Whether its neon placed on the cross/steple or its additional signage such as "Jesus Saves" signs. In order to do this I'm looking for help. Being new to the San Francisco bay area I don't know the area well yet, and while lots of exploring is planned your guidence helps. If you know where there is a bay area neon church Please email me!

For those of you not in the bay area, I would love your particpation in this project as well. I'm not going to go running across the country right now looking for neon churchs (though I might consider it in the future) so if there is neon church near you and you would like to photograph it and send in the pictures I will eventually be putting together a guest album or two.

If you chose to submit pictures, please understand that I reserve the right to select which photos will appear on Phoenix Feather. All guest photos will be given full credit. I hope you will consider participating.
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