Along Came Hummy
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This was not originally meant to be a Hummy hunting trip. Kevin and I decided it was a good day to go for a walk in Rengstorff Park in Mountain View CA. Beautiful day, Beauitful park, and Kevin had never been. Barely having started, I was photographing this odd tree when Kevin suddenly points out a hummingbird perched in the tree I'm already shooting. I try to get a shot of hummy in the air as well as in the tree with no luck. We walk on and not too much further on we encounter another hummingbird who flits around and talks to us a bit. Having learned what they sound like, Kevin and I were then able to look for the little birds by sound as well as by sight. We found 7 hummys (or instances of hummy - it might have actually been stalking us) that day. The final hummy found (when we were nearly out of the park and no longer looking for hummys) decided it could no longer tolerate us and after only a minute or two of photographing it, it dove and swooped over our heads giving us a little scare. Those things are small, quick and have a long pointy beak!! In anycase, it was a fun day. I recommend clicking on the main picture to open a larger version in this album; hummys are sometimes small. (02/29/04)


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