Stone Cold Egg Hunt
Easter, People Watching

This was Kevin and my second Easter together, and we decided we needed to make some fun things from last year into traditions. My mother says we are wierd; prolly so, but we really enjoy life. So the first Easter tradtion in to go out for Sunday brunch with friends. Its a pretty normal tradition, but a yummy one. This year we went to the Moss Beach Distilery with Karen, Crystal and Gina. We had a beautiful table overlooking the ocean, with a great waitress who kept refilling my mimosa (I was a happy girl). Food was great, comapny was great, just a fun start to the day. Our second tradition is the odd one: On Easter we get easter eggs and visit a cemetery where we hold a bit of an Easter egg hunt. We run around, place the eggs, photograph them and then leave them for others to enjoy. It's kind of our way of bringing life back to a place of the dead, or just an odd contradiction tradition (giggle). I hope you enjoy the photos from our brunch and easter egg hunt. Don't miss the appropriate end to this album!
Last Years Photo Shoot(04/11/04)

Rot Iron Eggs

This decaying fence that surrounded a childs grave was just crying out for a bit of color.

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