First Walk On The SF Bay
places, people watching 04/02/04

That's right this album is from October of 2001 before I ever met Kevin, the first time that I ever thought that the San Francisco bay area might be someplace I could live. My first year of grad school at CMU I took a 4 day vacation (long weekend) and came out to visit one of my best friend Ryan who was living in Larkspur at the time. Ryan's job at the time moved him every 6 months, so a I spent a couple of vactions visiting him places. These photos were not taken with a digital camera, this was before any of my happy cameras when I used a rather old point and shoot. I do however love these pictures of my first walk around the bay.


I spent a day exploring San Francisco while Ryan was at work my first day in the area.

This house is SO pink! I could never live here, but I so very much love it.

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